Galerie Hubert Winter

Ingo Nussbaumer
11. June – 4. September 2010
Der Purist der reinen Logik hat seine Versuche nie aufgegeben, doch noch herauszubekommen, ob die wirkliche Welt, die wir bewohnen, eine rotierendes Gödel-Universum ist. Seine Anstrengungen waren jedoch nicht nötig. In tierem Sinne ist völlig klar, dass wir alle in einem Gödelschen Universum leben.
Die letzten Zeilen. In: Palle Yourgrau, Gödel, Einstein und die Folgen. Dt. v. K. Beginnen und S. Kuhlmann-Krieg, Mchn, Beck, 2005.

Ingo Nussbaumer. Report on the Project.

It all started with geometry. Plato inscribed at the entrance to his Academy the phrase „Let none but geometers enter here.“ In the dialog The Republic (Book VI) Plato himself told his scholars of geometry to get by with visible forms and to study them, but not to think of the forms, take the archetype of things themselves instead. In the search for archetypes we follow Ingo Nussbaumer, whose intimidating knowledge of theory demonstrates us the intellectual without ignoring the artists. Not far in the Middle Ages the Arts split in two categories: the Mechanical Arts and the Liberal Arts. Out of the darkness of the repleteness in discourses, critiques, memoirs, lectures, debates and dialogues Ingo Nussbaumer steps with one slogan, colour. Colour is his key and the scientific match in his oeuvre as a painter. For Ingo Nussbaumer the exploration of colour is a complex project from the starting point of being an artist.

In the dialog Towards an Aesthetic of Complexity (1) Ingo Nussbaumer says:
This reproduction of the rectangular picture also facilitated subtle variations of color in the earlier works. This already alludes to my theme of shading, which is something alien for the minimalists. For me it is not just repetitions of the pictorial square but also the constellations of color fields and color trajectories. Here, already specific imaginary spaces of color open up, which are constituted from the contrast of color trajectory and color field. The more recent works break away more clearly from the centering and also from the seeming symmetry, which one can find in the older pictures, but the opposition of color trajectory vs. color field continues to be effective in them. In the broadest sense this oppositions also deals with the old theme of figure and ground in a new way. Some of the older pictures also show subtle, deliberate ruptures of symmetry, small shifts, as it were. They also do not follow a balancing composition. Rather they are constellational situations or better: fragmented constellations of color shapes.

On June 30, 2010, we will present Ingo Nussbaumer´s spectacular (artist) book Restraint versus Intervention. Painting as alignment.
On this occasion we sell the special edition of the book including a silkscreen print for a subscription price of Euro 320.- (reservations recommended).