Galerie Hubert Winter

Chantal Michel
17. October – 15. November 2008
Am Ende scheint es, als hätte ich zum ersten – und letztenmal nicht die
Gespenstergeschichte geschrieben, die ich gefürchtet habe, sondern eine
iebesgeschichte, so kreisförmig wie das Verlangen (und das Streben danach), eine Geschichte, die damit endet, daß wir zum Schluß ein Ganzes bilden werden im Schatten einer Blutbuche.
Bis dahin ...
Die letzten Zeilen in: Gore Vidal, Palimsest. Dt. v F. Griese, Hbg., Hoffmann und Campe, 1996.

The Swiss artist Chantal Michel (born 1968, lives and works in Thun/CH) slips for her new serie „Die letzten Zeugen/The last witnesses“ (2005) into the roll of the dead Swiss painter and sculptor Coghuf (a pseudonym, his real name was Ernst Stocker, born 1905, died 1976) and settled her working place in his vacated studio. The photographs she did in his studio are like a pictorial novel. Spooky scenarios of a real life merge with conceived reconstructions and redone portraits.

Chantal Michel reanimated the person Coghuf, his story, his art and his atelier, and took it as a template for her own art and self-staging. Roll model and simulacrum, model and artist, male and female, room and surface, past and present, reality and fiction, the medium of photography makes the indistinguishable from each other, gives them a multiple identity.

Following up Mary Ellen Carrolls´Semblable this exhibtion deals once again with the terms of original, fake, copy and Doppelgänger.

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