Galerie Hubert Winter

Tina Lechner
25. November – 23. December 2016
So machen´s alle Frauen, einschließlich der Autorin diese Buches. Aber denen, die sich um nichts anderes sorgten als um ihren eigenen Ruhm oder ihr eigenes Wohlergehen, kann ich nicht vergeben. Sie hielten sich für zivilisiert. Sie waren verachtenswert. Verflucht seien sie alle.
Die letzten Zeilen. In: Susan Sontag, Der Liebhaber des Vulkans. Roman. Dt. v. I. Lorenz. München, Hanser, 1993.

“I wish to be read with the same spirit, I worked with” writes the Geneva based librarian and scientist Jean Senebier in his preface of the 1782 published classic on photochemistry.
Tina Lechner is a longing stylist und at the same time a nomad in the world of photography. People addicted in looking and reading have to anticipate the worst by her. Her photographs arise from the freezer. Nevertheless they contain all what´s called love. In a world of despair this infection of viewing through beauty is a big fortune. Schöner Wohnen doesn´t make happy.
In this passion of cardboard, art itself becomes an instrument of power. This “Me is something different”, armed with helmets, lances and peaks, is no research for the otherness. These things don´t add anything to the girls´ bodies, they don´t take away anything, they simply stay girls, they are women in the texture of their life. Little reminds of their physicalness. No rootedly transformation, no questioning of the subject. A refined layout of lines unites the body and the material.

Tina Lechner (born 1981 in St. Pölten, lives and works in Vienna).

due to December 23, 2016
Sotheby´s, Herrengasse 5, 1010 Vienna

  • “Posthumanismus und Vintagecharme”: in Der Standard (PDF)