Galerie Hubert Winter

Richard Nonas
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12. March – 24. April 2010
Unsere Weisen des Schauens, die uns selbst rätselhaft sind, sind nicht die der anderen, gleichzeitig aber projizieren wir die Illusion auf die Welt, dass die Sichtweisen in eine einzige umgewandelt werden können.
Die letzten Zeilen. In: Pierre Legendre, Dominium Mundi. Das Imperium des Managements. Dt. v. J. Mirtl. Wien, Turia + Kant. 2009.

This is a story about the long-run in the art business.

The gallery is working close with Richard Nonas (born 1936 in NYC, where he still lives) since 20 years. In the gallery space at Breite Gasse he placed “Arcade, The Vienna Stone Line”1999, 2003 he visualized his statement “Some Art”, 2005 he changed the gallery into the “Mud Museum” and 2008 he gave in “cave” an impressive insight into his studio in New York.
The compilation of the new exhibition is dedicated to the available, after many exhibitions left sculptures und renews the interest of the artist for the space, that is captured through the sculpture.
The smorgasbord attests the single work, strengthen it, and harmony rules in the end the full range. Richard Nonas shows us over and over again, it is possible, this might be the reason why all the attempts to make him a part of an art movement or a tradition failed, he stays “primitive or minimal”, as Rainer Metzger mentioned it. This precise nonchalance, that indicated his art, is a concept of unwitting as knowledge. When we want to recognize movement, we need a fixed-point, already noticed by Nikolaus Cusanus 600 years ago.

The interfaces in his work are Mexico and Italy. From the 25th of March the Fondazione Stelline will present a large outdoor installation and the past due retrospective of his work will open on March 13th in the Museé d´Art Moderne, St. Etienne.