Galerie Hubert Winter

Nil Yalter
Fragments of Memory
13. May – 25. June 2011
Man muss die Wege gehen, die man gegangen ist,
sie wiederholen und neue Wege neben ihnen bahnen.
Man muss noch einmal zur Reise aufbrechen.
Immer wieder. Der Reisende kommt bald zurück.
Die letzten Zeilen. In: José Saramago, Die portugiesische Reise. Dt. v. K. und N. von Schweder-Schreiner. Hamburg, Rowohlt, 2003.

curated by_ Derya Yücel

Galerie Hubert Winter is pleased to announce the first cooperation with the Turkish/French multimedia artist Nil Yalter (born 1938). In her first solo exhibition in the gallery, curated by the young upcoming Turkish curator Derya Yücel, two installations will be on view:
“Temporary Dwellings” (1974/76) is a series of fragments illuminating historicities belonging to exiled/immigrant communities. In her own movement between the cities of Istanbul, Paris and New York in those years the works were created, Nil Yalter used the cities as fields of observations and research with the meticulousness of an ethnographer or anthropologist. The assemblages are shown with videos, recordings of the everyday life, problems, wishes and desires of women, men and children. The whole body of work is a highly significant statement what life was for immigrants from Turkey or Puerto Rico in the 1970s.
“The AmbassaDRESS 1977/1980” is formed of photographs, drawings and a video, and an installation. The variety of media used in the work is the product of an approach that allows the differentiation of the audience`s point of view. Although the dress is the centre of the work, Nil Yalter refrains from repeating the major-dominant narrative that invariably ascribes “female” identity a marginal position, as a figure long not issued with legitimate representation, she in fact point towards, exhibits and criticizes phallocentric power structure.
Nil Yalter is both on the inside and on the outside, beyond geographical space, she has the freedom/uniqueness to look, in the intellectual sense, from the west to the east, and from the east to the west. Only if it possesses a universal language can art be independent of mechanisms of representation.

This exhibition is part of and sponsored by the Viennese art festival EAST by SOUTH WEST (more information that will be accompanied by a catalogue.

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