Galerie Hubert Winter

Lei Xue
18. November – 23. December 2009
... daher musst du sicher sein, deiner Sache sicher sein, wenn du es nicht bist, bleibt die Lösung 4
die des wasch mir den Pelz aber mach mich nicht nass wie du sie nennst.
Herbst 2002
Die letzten Zeilen. In: Jonathan Littell, Ein Sonntag im Sommer. Dt. v. H. Kober, Berlin, Matthes & Seitz, 2009

Galerie Hubert Winter will present in the upcoming second solo show by Lei Xue new hand-painted porcelain vases and altar pieces together with “BREATH” (2008), an animated short film, that had its premiere screening at the German Short Film Festival – Next Generation, Oct 09 in Paris (F).

The best way to arrive to the essence of understanding is the simultaneous observation of the past, the present and the future. To reach the future, an uncertain state, means an analysis of the obvious past and the not so explicit present. In process of time my heard was configurated with the arising discrepant unity.
In my artwork I am getting accustomed to act and think in the sense of Chinese Poetry that I am familiar with and the Zen Movement. Poetry is my artistic system of thinking, whereas Zen provides me the measurement of working method and skills. Poetry and Zen invade like a path into thoughts, it is the way how Chinese people perceive the universe. The awareness of poetry perforates thousand years of Chinese culture. In Chinese history the potential personal skill is bound to the dimension of perception and control of poetry. A good poet might become an official. What is poesy? “Wondrous country in the morning, rocks slope cragged to the valley, fog adorns the deep bottom. A solid pine clings to the ageold stones. A gentle breeze and a Golden Oriole chirp mellifluous.” Each word is more real and simple but out of the combination of these real pictures an artistic concept develops. In Contemporary Art a good artist leads his audience with simple forms and materials into a speechless area and atmosphere. Real forms exist with an integrative atmosphere everywhere. The search for the fitting word in the technical world for Poetry is like an artificially build structure. I can use these systems in my own artwork in a poetical term of thinking, expressing my own thoughts with simple forms and reaching a poetical speechless atmosphere.
Anyway Zen means something fantastic to me. It is tied on a certain place after Buddhism became domestic in China. The human-intrinsic thinking is overruled in favour by far more independent thinking in order to recognise through the surface the universal essence. Borrowed from Arthur Schopenhauer “ ones mind is bigger than ones rationality” that is the way I measure my own working depth. There exists no good artwork which does not soak through the surface and with this movement intrude into the artistic deep thinking. That is how Zen makes me profit from the substantial knowledge. A simple example for the Zen Thinking is the Wave, the River and the Sea. All of them are perception. Water is their substantial essence.

Lei Xue (2005)