Galerie Hubert Winter

Lei Xue
6. September – 5. October 2013
"Oh, aber auch in Neapel haben wir den Krieg gegen die Fliegen geführt, wir haben geradezu Krieg geführt mit den Fliegen. Seit drei Jahren führen wir diesen Krieg gegen die Fliegen."
"Und wie kann es dann noch immer so viele Fliegen geben in Neapel?"
"Oh, Sie wissen schon, wie das geht, mein Herr! Die Fliegen haben gesiegt!"
Die letzten Zeilen. In: Curzio Malaparte, Kaputt. Roman. (1944). Dt.v.H.Ludwig. Karlsruhe, Stahlberg,1961.

In the 3rd exhibition of Lei Xue, born 1974 in Qindao (China), his art works will become animated.
Lei Xue, who lives in Germany since 1999 and has been teaching as a guest professor at the Renmin University in Bejing for one year now, has always started from the origin of a dialog between East and West. The entanglement of both is the resource of his art works that dissolve the polarity of the different cultures. Whatever we are speaking about - animation film, porcelain object or painting – he expresses with humour and with easiness the essence of life.

The exhibited porcelain shoes will dance Tango, a visible painful one. A birdcage formed with porcelain barbed wire is glowing mysteriously on surveillance. Lei Xue´s well-known porcelain cans are located on the floor but they look differently. Their subtle surface is ruptured and curved. Taking a closer look reveals that they are also formed out of porcelain barbed wire. All these objects reflect Lei Xue´s confrontation with his new experiences during his stay in China.

For the first time we will show the original watercolours on rice paper that are used for his new animation film “Cat Subway”. Lei Xue´s unique technique of using traditional watercolour brings the old medium into the present. The synopsis of “Cat Subway” is the dialog of the freedom of wealth, incarnated by a swimming gold fish and the hunt after it.

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