Galerie Hubert Winter

Laura Ribero
17. November – 23. December 2010
Ich werde den Vorhang neben Ihrem Bett auflassen, dann können Sie heute Nacht die Sterne sehn und die erleuchteten Fenster, aber wenn Sie jetzt die Augen zumachen, Frau Helena, dann werden Sie, wie meine Mutter immer sagte, ganz von alleine einschlafen.
Die letzten Zeilen. In: Erwin Mortier, Götterschlaf. Dt. v. Christiane Kuby, Köln, DuMont, 2010.

…a woman. Speechless. She seems to have left it all behind. She is not interested in psychology. She is interested in conditions and landscapes and movements leading her down further and further and forever on and on…
Aren’t we somehow like the traveller in Italo Calvino’s The Castle of Crossed Destinies? In this mystical tale, the traveller comes upon a group of people who are inexplicably unable to speak and tell their stories only through showing each other tarot cards.
We are the travellers, exposed to contradictory impressions and the wordless tales of the artist. Participants in the tryst of humanity, dwelling in the loneliness of Vienna’s flophouses in the dead of night.

Laura Ribero’s photographic work seems sometimes filled with pathos, and perhaps naïvité, yet it is always of astonishing beauty, exuding an exhilarating sobriety as great works of art always do. The great silence in her images suggests the influence of Samuel Beckett, the wistful exuberance points towards Lewis Carroll –just to name a few references – and reveals to us the pursuit of meaning that relevant art maintains.

Laura Ribero was born in 1978 in Bogota, Colombia. Since six years, she lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.