Galerie Hubert Winter

Birgit Jürgenssen, Astrid Nylander & Stine Ølgod
15. January – 27. February 2016
“Wie stehen die Chancen, daß ich es schaffe?”
Sein Grinsen wurde breiter, und er zuckte die Achseln.
“So wie ich dich kenne, besser als fifty-fifty, glaub ich.”
“Was ist, wenn -“
“Psst. Schau jetzt zu.”
Die letzten Zeilen. In: Jonathan Carroll, Vor dem Hundemuseum. Dt. v. M. Kühling. Ffm, Insel, 1993.

On February 11, 2014 the Vienna City Council Committee for Culture decided to name a traffic area after Birgit Jürgenssen. The „Jürgenssenweg“ is located in Floridsdorf, Vienna, near the gasworks Leopoldau.
Yes, just don’t have a plan...

So now they are in Vienna and need an address and yet sometimes it can be rewarding to depart from the planned route.
Names and places – Desires, imaginations and projections. To experience new places means an imaginary of new contexts, a loss of places is a loss of the world. Our favourite paths lead us to welcome memories, while we deliberately avoid painful paths. To be placeless is: To be without memories. To wander. Without orientation. Now we have a place.

Jürgenssenweg, will probably never attract culture tourists.
The well educated middle class with an affinity for art might plan a pilgrimage to this non-Arcadian space in the near future. And us? We have an orientation, this wondrous audio guide by the two artists Astrid Nylander and Stine Ølgod. For now we shall wander off and commemorate...

„Jürgenssenweg“ (2015), the audio piece by Astrid Nylander and Stine Ølgod, was the catalyst and point of departure for this exhibition. A selection of drawings, collages and photographic works from the Estate Birgit Jürgenssen, many of which have never been shown before, complement the audio piece.

Astrid Kajsa Nylander *1989 Goteborg (SWE), lives and works in Hamburg.
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg since 2012.

Stine Ølgod *1989 Copenhagen (DK), lives and works in Vienna.

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Hochschule für Bildende Kunst Hamburg.

  • Die Presse (02/14/2016) by Sabine B. Vogel (PDF)