Galerie Hubert Winter

Danica Phelps
1. July – 10. September 2011
Im Rucksack fand ich den Schlüssel.
Im Laboratorium fand ich das Studierzimmer.
Im Schreibtisch fand ich das Buch der Lösungen.
Die letzten Zeilen. In: Sarah Emily Miano, Enzyklopädie vom Schnee. Dt. v. Uda Strätling. Ffm, S. Fischer, 2004.

Danica Phelps purchased a building in Brooklyn with the financial assistance of a substantial mortgage and municipal loans along with some inherited funds. This lead to a 3-part work that documents the home equity loan along with its expenditure on renovation and other expenses related to the purchase. The panels are now in the collection of Daimler in Germany.
After the break-up with her long-term partner the Housing Court of the City of New York ruled that they are family. The only exit strategy is giving the building to the bank.
In order to survive financially Danica Phelps invents the Stripe Book.
“The Cost of Love”, a work that contains 25 panels, based on the text of the housing court decision that includes 13.364 letters is created. The letters are the symbolic base for the financial loss in this foreclosure and transferred in monochromatic coloured stripes with the corresponding text to the panels. This is so far the largest project in the artists´ oeuvre.

We will exhibit 5 of the panels and drawings, a chronology of everyday life and time, a diary that documents even the personal crisis on a high aesthetical sensible level.

Danica Phelps (*1971 in New York, New York)

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