Galerie Hubert Winter

Danica Phelps, Cost of Love (Panel Nr. 6) (2011)
watercolor and pencil on paper (mounted on wood), 62,9 x 65,8 x 15,8 cm

The Cost of Love details the split with her girlfriend through the text of court papers and the subsequent financial fallout. Works in the show combine Phelps' system of painted colored stripes to document her finances that are interspersed with the legal narrative from the housing court judgement that unfolds word by word from one panel to the next. Again, using her personal life as her source, Phelps explores highly charged and emotional territory in repetitive and systematic marks with subtle gradations of hue and tone. The Cost of Love is remarkable for its elegant illustration of loss which when viewed as a whole, reflects a project that is greater than the sum of its parts.