Galerie Hubert Winter

The Sound and the Fury
6. July – 8. September 2012
Die geknickte Blume hing über Bens Faust, und seine Augen waren wieder leer und blau und hell, während Giebel und Fassaden abermals geschmeidig von links nach rechts glitten; Pfahl und Baum, Fenster und Tür und Ladenschilder, ein jegliches an seinem Platz.
Die letzten Zeilen. In: William Faulkner, Schall und Wahn. Dt. v. H.M. Braem und E. Kaiser. Zürich, Fretz und Wasmuth, 1956.

oblivion of eras and verve labelling is not the priority of this exhibition. it is the great meaning of the little difference. a hint that human being does not originate from investment bankers.
yes, but from where do they take it all? staged insights and vistas.
a new storm out of the old savages´ empire.
this nearly voyeuristic gaze on friedrich kiesler, photographed as torero by hans richter
boris lurie´s resistance
the thing by shigeko kubota as anti peepshow – legacy
claes oldenburg as paperman
lawrence weiner and my house
terry fox and his warning about dishonest persons
memories on the great performer stuart sherman
birgit jürgenssen is giving an ear to someone
rodney graham´s big symphony
charlotte moorman adored by saul gottlieb, observed by julie abeles
franz vana reads us the riot act
francesca woodman forgot how to read music
the first and only concert by alan rath in vienna
a walk through new york city with michael höpfner and antonio rovaldi
the chinese nightingale – not the lark - twitters for judith fegerl
andrew m mezvinsky´s reading of faulkner

why so serious, you will like it …
and finally summer arrived